Pear   Parsnip   & Onion Chutney with Muntock Pepper & Red Chilli                         for Fiona &  Nicholas’ wedding :  gifts for the groom’s friends.    For the reception I   provided a Raspberry Jelly  &  a Pineapple Jam with Rosemary & Organic Vanilla as fillings for cakes & an Apple & Blackberry Cordial.

2 thoughts on “Bespoke

  1. We met Mary at the Frome Artisan Fair and we were intrigued and enticed by her fruit cheese. We thought her bespoke bottles of pickle would make a wonderful wedding favour for our guests. She made a bespoke recipe and foraged for ingredients. The results were amazing. She also made the pineapple jam which we used as a filling for our wedding cake. We love the unique way she combines flavours, mixing the familiar with the unfamiliar, to create delightful, delectable conserves.

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