Sops with Wine-regional cider apple

After a serious ankle injury last October I have decided to not be a regular market stall holder at the Frome Independent this year.  It was a very difficult decision to make as I have been there for 5 years and it has been integral to my growth as a preserve maker and it has become an important part of my life.  But its place, centre stage has meant that other things have been pushed well beyond the pale. They, a book & the allotment, amongst other things, are now going to be given a chance I hope, to bloom.  If you want preserves please email me as I still have some stock.  It is also possible  I will very occasionally have a stall at the market or take part in one off events so please send your email if you want to be kept informed.


    The Frome Independent Market

Please come and spend some time in Frome, especially on the first Sunday of each month March-Dec when this market takes place. There’s lots to see & do and the town centre is car free for this market.  You can browse independent shops, especially on Catherine Hill  where there are also makers selling from suitcases&small stalls.  In the market  there are lots of designer stalls-home-wares/jewellery/lighting/stationary/beautiful leather products and a wonderful secondhand market and of course lots of delicious local FOOD & Drink. Plus unique one off events & live music.  Make a day of it & bring your friends & family, they’ll love it. #Somerset #Artisan #Preserves










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